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"Clan Spirits"
1ST Place at Trail of Tears
Art Show & Sale 2024

"Mallard Pair"
2nd Place at Trail of Tears
Art Show & Sale 2024

2021 ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING on Canvas Panel. SIZE: 18"X 24" Price: $1500.00

Only the Bravest of Warriors went into battle armed only with a War Club and his Shield.


"War Club"​


2021 Original Acrylic Painting 18"X 24"

A Cherokee Warrior wears his Medicine Bear 

Robe to discuss War at the Council Meeting 

in the 1700's.

The Hummingbird is a good sign, everything has meaning to the Native American, Great or 




           2020 ORIGINAL ACRYLIC                            PAINTING.                     18"X 24"

Price: $2,500.00

      The Native Americans beleive we must give respect and thanks to for what we take from the Earth to keep the balance between nature and Man.


hummingbird 1.jpg

" All Eyes on You"

2023 Oiginal Acrylic on Canvas 
Price: $2500
Size: 18"X 24"

The Hummingbird is a good Omen to the Native American culture and concidered good Medicine. 

Front Side

Cherokee Guitar

Back Side

Cherokee Guitar , See @ Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa OK. 



2019 Original Acrylic on Canvas Board. 18"X 24" Price:$2000

Vision in my Dreams, what does it mean? The owl is a spiritual Omen in Native American Culture. Sometimes known as the Messenger.


Battles of the Seventh Generation

2017 Original 16X20 Acrylic Painting Price:$2000.00 Native American Legend tells of a battle between the Seventh Generation and a Great Serpent That will threaten our Natural Resources such as water and Earth. This Piece Won 2nd place at the Cherokee Holiday Art Show in Tahlequah OK. This Piece also won a 3rd place at the Cherokee Art Market at the Hard Rock Casino.                                   SOLD

EL JEFE " The Boss "

Original 2015 Acrylic Painting 18"X 24" Price:$1500  My Spirit Animal is the Jaguar. They come from south America and have been know to travel as far North to Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma. 


The Raven Mocker

2014 Original 16"X 20" Acrylic on Canvas.  The Raven Mocker awaits his 0pportunity to Reap the souls of the dying along the Trail of the forced march to Oklahoma in 1838, where over a third of the people died, mostly the elderly and children along the Trail known as the "Trail of Tears".             



Gift of Gold

18X24 Canvas Wrap Acrylic Painting $2000.00

Ivory Billed Woodpecker and Cherokee Warrior Exchange Gift. This Painting Won 1st Place at the Indian Summer Arts Festival in Bartlesville OK, This past weekend. 10/05/2019 



George Guess (Sequoyah) teaching his daughter (Ayoka) the Cherokee Syllabary.


Title: We were not Savages

2018 ORIGINAL. SIZE: 18"X 24" $2000 Before removal in 1838 Cherokees had schools, churches, farms and we even had our own news paper. 80% OF Cherokees could read and write in Cherokee but we were forced off our Homeland and herded like cattle for close to 1000 miles to Oklahoma. My most recent piece. I will have prints available soon.


Meat for my Family and Feathers for my Cape.

2017 Original Size:18X24, Price $1000 A Southeastern Native American Turkey Hunter in the 1700's Brings home his prize what Mother earth has supplied him to feed his family. Early Natives used all what they harvested and wasted nothing. Meat for his family, Feathers for his Cape and the bones for whistles and Jewelry. This piece Won Judges Choice Award at the Cherokee Homecoming Art Show in Tahlequah. Also Won a 3rd place at the Five Civilized Tribes Museum on April 7th 2018


The Archer

2017 Original 18X24 Acrylic Painting Price:$800.00 A Cherokee Archer sets at the highest point to stand guard and keep an eye out for intruders.


Birch Grove

2016 Original Oil Painting 24"X 36" on Stretched Canvas . Price:$1000.00 A mother bear and her cubs explore the birch grove.


Beloved Woman of the Cherokee

2017 Original Acrylic Painting. SIZE: 27"X 38" Price: $1000 A Culture Treasure being guarded by the Mythical Creature called the Griffon.


Awi Usdi (Little Deer) Invasive Species

2018 ORIGINAL ACRYLIC on 24X36 Stretched Canvas. $2000 If you look up Invasive Species in Wikapedia it says an organism that is not Native to the environment and causes harm to the native ecosystem. This piece won a first place ribbon and best of Category at the 47TH Annual Trail of Tears Art Show on Opening night April 6th 2018.


Lords of the Plains

2018 Original 24X36 Acrylic Painting Price $2000.00 Three Buffalo Bulls resting on a grassy knoll overlooking the valley where they once roamed free for thousands of years. I won an Honorable Choice Award for this painting on Friday night at the Cherokee Holiday Homecoming Art Show & Sale. Also won a 3rd place at the Arts under the Oaks Competition in Muskogee Oklahoma .Won “Best of Show” at Indian Summer Festival in Bartlesville Ok,Very proud of this Piece. SOLD

Lucky Number 7

Original 2018 Acrylic Painting. SIZE:24X24X1.5 $1000. This was a retired Rodeo Bull I required as a herd Bull back in the 90's . He was mainly just a pet but he live out his life on my Farm and he enjoyed all the attention that was given to him. SOLD

The Watchers

2017 Original 19"X 20" Acrylic on Masonite Board. Price $1000 We are being watched by unknown sources whether you recognize it or not. Be Aware. This piece was purchased by a Collector from Kansas. SOLD

Let's make a deal

2013 Original Acrylic Painting , SIZE: 18X 24 Sale Price: $ 1000. Andrew Jackson wanted to make a deal with the Cherokees, he originally offered $5,000,000 but when the Cherokee would not sell their Land, he forced them off in 1838 to Oklahoma. This was known as the "Trail of Tears" This Painting Won "Judges Choice Award" at the Cherokee National Holiday Art show on Labor Day Weekend and also won "Honorable Mention" at the "Trail of Tears" Art Show April 11,2014. This has been a very popular Piece. A great Conversation Piece. Still one of my Favorite pieces. SOLD

A Sign of Promise

2015 Original Acrylic Painting 18"X 24" Price:$1000 The birth of a white Buffalo Calf was a sign to the Native Americans that a change is about to happen that will affect all tribes in the Nation. This Painting won a first Place at the Trail of Tears Art Show this weekend April 17, 2015. SOLD

Red Headed Stranger

2016 Original 16"X 20" Price:$800 Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. A part of a Caricature series. This painting was sold and gifted to a big time Willie Nelson Fan. SOLD

Medicine under the Cedars

2018 Original 16X20 Acrylic Painting. Price:$1500. White Cedar is concidered good Medicine to the Eastern Tribes just as Sage is to the Western Tribes. This piece Won Judges Choice at the " Cherokee Art Market" at the Hard Rock Casino. Donated to a Cancer Awareness Benifit.

Spirit of the High Plains

2016 Acrylic Painting 16X20 Original A White Buffalo Spirit Roams the High Plains where once millions of Buffalo once roamed free. Sold

He Guides Me Through Dark Places

2015 Original 24"x 36" Stretched Canvas . A Cherokee Warrior riding on his trusty Choctaw Mustang. He depends on his Horse to Guide him through the Darkness and the dangers that surround him. This Painting Won "Best of Division" at the Cherokee Art Market held at the Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa Okla. One of the Largest Premier Art shows in the United States with over 300 top artist in America. Sold

Moytoy " Rain Conjuror"

2014 Original Acrylic Painting. 36"X 36" Stretched Canvas. Price:$2000. Moytoy (A-ma-he-ta-i) was the first English appointed Leader of the Cherokees. He was known as the Rain Conjuror or Rain Maker. Although a fierce Warrior, he died in Battle in 1741. SOLD

"The First Homeland Security"

2014 Original 16"X 20" Acrylic Painting. In the Early 1700's The Native Americans were at war with invaders from other lands that were Alien to the Natives. Sold

Going South

18X24 Acrylic Painting 1987 One of my early works of Art. I have always loved wildlife. Sold

"Where the Uktena stays"

2014 Original painting, Size:18"X 24" Price $1000.00. The Uktena is a Mythical Creature in the Cherokee Lore and Storytelling. It is a Winged Serpent with magical powers that lives in the depths of the rivers in Cherokee Territory. SOLD


2014 Original 16X20 Acrylic Painting The southeastern Black Bear was a very respected animal to the Cherokee. Yona is Bear In Cherokee. It said in Cherokee tradition that if you have a dream about a Bear, it is good luck because it is powerful medicine. SOLD

The Guardian

2015 ORIGINAL 16"X 20" During the 1700's when Cherokees were at war with invaders. A Warrior stands at the highest point to keep watch over his village and his Family. SOLD

Granny and the Little People

2015 Original Acrylic Painting 18"X 24" This is the Story of the Old Granny that lived alone at the end of the Road that was said to always be accompanied by little People that lived in her attic. They were also referred too as home Guards. These are old Cherokee Stories told to me by my Grandmother when I was a child. SOLD

Which do you Feed?

Original 2014 Acrylic 16X20 painting The age old tale of two wolves that continuously battle for our souls, one White for Good and the other Black for Evil. The one that wins is the one you Feed. This painting was purchased by Cherokee Nation and now hangs in the Conference Room at the Engineering & Manufacturing Facilities. SOLD

Lone Wolf

Original 2015 Acrylic painting. 18"X 24" The Wolf was a symbol of respect to the Native American Culture with many Legends and stories handed down from generation to generation. This painting will be hanging at the new Casino in Roland Ok. SOLD

The Owl Called his Name

2014 Original, 16"X 20" Acrylic on Canvas Board. In the Native American Culture, The Site of an owl in an unusual place is a Bad Omen. SOLD

A Warrior's Prayer

2013 Original , Size:30"X 30" on Stretched Canvas. A young Warrior Prays for Rain during an Extreme drought. SOLD

Clan Mother of the Cherokees

2014 Original Acrylic Painting 16X20 Clan mother looking after the wellness of the Environment and her people.This painting won The Southeastern Region Poster Contest commissioned by the University of Washington in Seatle Washington Donated to benefit auction

Title: " Return of the Buffalo "

Original 2011 30"X38" Acrylic. This Painting Won 1st Place at the Indian Summer Art Show in Bartlesville Ok. The new Ochaleta clinic purchased this painting to diplay in their new facility. SOLD


2014 Original. SIZE:18X24. If we don't learn from our past we are destined to repeat it. This painting will also be dispayed at the new Ochaleta clinic. SOLD

Ike and the Little People

2014 Original 18"X 24" Acrylic This Painting was created from a story my great uncle Ike told me. He said when he was a kid and playing hide and seek from the other kids. He hid behind some bushes when he heard someone talking and he looked to see a woodcutter and an old wise man conversing on a log. This Painting won first place at the "Trail of Tears Art Show" April 11,2014. SOLD

North of the Chattahoochee

2014 Original 2013 18"X 24" A Cherokee Brave in the early 1700's Guards the north banks of the Chattahoochee River. The boundary of the Cherokee Territory. SOLD

Brother ?

2013 Original 16X20 Acrylic Painting, The eastern Ivory Billed Woodpecker sees that the Cherokee Brave is colored up just like him so he thinks he might be his brother. The Eastern tribes considered these as War Birds but now they are extinct in Nature. SOLD


2013 Original 30"X 40"on stretched canvas A Huge eight point buck is startled when a Cherokee Arrow misses him only by inches. SOLD

Title: The new begining

Size: 18"X24" on Canvas Board. 2012 Original Art Work. The sighting of the Majestic White Buffalo was a Spiritual awakening to the Native Americans meaning a change in the World was about to happen. SOLD

River Dance

2013 Original 18X24 Price $500 The water ways were important methods of travel to trade and hunt for the Native Americans. This painting was purchased by a very nice coulpe from California to start off their art collection. Sold

Drought of 2012

2012 Original Art Work, Size:30X30 on Stretched Canvas SOLD

End of the Trail

18X24 Acrylic Painting 1987 One of my early paintings SOLD

The Signal

18"X 24" Original 2013 Edition, At a time in the Early 1700's when the Cherokee's would trade with the French and European Traders. Communication was a Vital part of everyday Life. SOLD

The Protector

2012 Painting on Canvas. Size: 24X36 According to Cherokee Legend, if a White Wolf is seen either in a dream or reality. It has been sent to protect you. SOLD @ Cherokee Holiday 2012

Title: Sir Donivan

2013 Original 16X20 Acrylic on Canvas. A Commisioned piece of Donivan and his two trusty Companions in a Fantasy type setting. SOLD

Title: "The Archer" Cherokee Pin Indian

Size:16X20 Original, Acrylic Painting, Completed 6/2/2012 SOLD to Bill Wiggins to didplay in his private Art collection. Won 2nd Place in the Cherokee Holiday Art Show in Tahlequah OK

The Birch Grove

Size: 24"X 48" Mixed Media Original 2012 edition A Mother black bear take her cubs out for the first time to explore a new world. Sold to Cherokee Nation Entertainment

Buffalo Scout

16X20 Acrylic Painting 1988 one of my first Paintings SOLD

Old War Horse

Original 16X20 Acrylic 2012 Remembering the days when he could run free and chase Buffalo when there were no Fences. SOLD

Caution Wet Paint

Horse Painting Sold

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Title: Lone Wolf

2012 Original-Size 19x24 Unframed. A lone wolf on the Oklahoma Prairie comes across a small herd of Buffalo but is out matched without his brothers help. SOLD @ Cherokee Art Market


Western Painting Size:16"x20" SOLD @ Red Earth Art Show in OKC

" White Buffalo "

2012 Size 24X36 Original Acrylic. The White Buffalo was a sacred animal because they were very rare and when seen by a Native American, it was a sign that something was about to happen that would affect the world. Sold @ Red Eath Art Show in OKC

"Thou hast Clothed his neck with Thunder"

2012 Acrylic Painting - Size:18X20 SOLD @ Red Earth Art Show

Clan Shield

Native American Painting 16x20 Original, SOLD

War Paint

2011 Acrylic Painting 16"X20" - SOLD @ Red Earth Art Show

"Sleeping Angel"

2011 Painting on Canvas 16"X20" - SOLD @ Red Earth Art Show

Cherokee Warrior Woman

2013 Original. SIZE: 18X30, Price:$1000.00 Cherokee Women and Men were considered equals in Cherokee society and held high positions within the tribe. The Griffin, A mythical creature know as a Guardian of Treasure. SOLD

Native Thunder

Wildlife Painting Sold to private Collector


2011 Acrylic 16"X20" ( Sold @ Cherokee Art Market @ HARD ROCK CASINO )

Home of the Brave

2010 Acrylic 18X24 painting SOLD​

Cherokee County Monarch

2011 Painting 16x20 ( SOLD )


Western Painting , Size:16"x20" This depicts a scene on the Oklahoma planes where the Buffalo once roamed free. ( Sold )


2021 Acrylic Painting. Size:18X24  Price $2000  


Grandfather Tell me a Story

Little People Story - SOLD Size:18"x24" This is the mental picture I imagined in my head when my grandfather told me the story of the little People.

Hunters Dream

Wildlife Painting Size: 16"x20" . This painting won 2nd place at the Cherokee Holiday Art show. Sold

In the Mist


Cherokee Cowboy


Longhorn Bull

Western Painting Size:16"X20" Sold

Who's the Boss

Wildlife Art Painting Sold

"Creatures of the night"

2019 Acrylic Painting , Size:18X24 Price: $2000. Many Southeastern tribes including the Cherokee believed the Owl was a very supernatural animal. Believed to be a messenger to the people, sometimes news of bad luck or even a death in the family. If a owl is seen in odd circumstances such as mid day or at your home, this was taken as an Omen.

A Teaching Moment

Drawing of Sequoyah teaching his daughter Ayoka to write the Cherokee Syllabary.

This a sketch of a Painting i am currently working on. I will post the finished piece when finished.

Osiyo Club

2016 Original 36"X 36"X 1.5" Stretched Canvas Acrylic Painting . This was an Actual Place In Tahlequah Oklahoma. This Motel and Bar was owned by the Cherokee Nation back in the 70's early 80's Before we had Casinos. It was a popular meeting place for the locals as well as the tourist but it was shut down because it was considered improper and immoral for the Cherokee Nation to promote this type of activity. This piece won a Honorable Mention Ribbon at the Trail of Tears Art Show this weekend 4/9/2016 . One of the Oldest and Largest Art Shows in the U.S. I feel honored that it was recognized with the caliber of Artist at this show. This painting will make its new home in the mountains of Denver Colorado. SOLD


2015 Original 8"X 10" Oklahoma Duck Stamp Competition. Beautifully Matted and Framed to 16"x 20" size. Make a great Gift for a Collector. Price: $300.00 SOLD

Good Trade

2014 Original 16X20 Acrylic Painting. The Sacred War Bird ( Ivory Billed Woodpecker) In 1829 Gold was discovered on Cherokee Land which was more reason for the Government to push Cherokees off their Home Land. The Cherokees could not understand why the non-Cherokees valued Gold so Much. Corn was Gold to the Cherokee. SOLD


This is a painting of my Horse Charley that I done in 1990. I got it for Christmas this year after the owner had past away and it found its way back to me. after all, its sentimental value could only relate to me more than anyone else. as you can see, My style has somewhat changed or evolved since 1990 but you can still see my signature style is still present. I thought I would never see this again.

Cherokee Warrior

2012 Original Minature 2.5"X3.5" SOLD @ Red Earth Art Show

Run Baffalo Run!

2012 Original 18X24 Acrylic Painting - SOLD @ RED EARTH Art Show in OKC

Last Look Back

16"X20" Wildlife Painting ( Sold )

Cherokee Warrior

Native American Art Sold

Posted No Hunting

Wildlife Painting Sold

Little Friends

Wildlife Painting Sold

The one that got away

A Cowboy Fishing Story Sold

The Day We Cried

Native American Painting Sold

Legends of the Little People . Donated to the Proctor Community Center for a Silent Auction to benefit the community.


Meradith Stamp


Red Corn


" Pin "

2011 Acrylic 16"X20 The History of the Pin goes back to the Cherokee Secret Society stories of Assassins who were ordered by the council to eliminate those who went against Cherokee Law. SOLD


Native American Painting Sold